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Destination Based Company Retreats for small businesses who value their focus on company culture and strategic development.

Make your offsite planning a breeze and your time together count with Refocus Retreats, where we handle everything from venue selection, transportation to vendor coordination and itinerary design, ensuring unique and goal-oriented experiences.

In the realm of business growth and scalability, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment is paramount.

Through meticulously crafted corporate retreats, I specialize in providing you with the opportunities to elevate your team morale and promote seamless collaboration.

A well crafted retreat goes beyond the traditional meeting culture in a professional space. It provides a unique setting to encourage meaningful interactions, break down barriers, and enhance the overall spirit of the team.

By focusing on these essential aspects, your retreat becomes a catalyst for cultivating a work culture where individuals thrive, ultimately contributing to the holistic success of your business.

Corporate retreats, when strategically planned, offer a unique opportunity to deliver substantial value with transformative experiences.

Simultaneously, retreats create inclusive environments where team members can engage in open dialogue, celebrate achievements, and forge stronger connections.

This inclusivity not only contributes to a positive workplace atmosphere but also reinforces a sense of belonging, vital for the sustained growth of large organizations.

Beyond the immediate benefits of enhanced teamwork and cost savings, my expertise extends to leveraging corporate retreats as a strategic marketing tool.

Each retreat becomes a showcase of your company’s commitment to investing in its most valuable asset – the team.

By aligning the retreat experience with your brand values and business objectives, we turn these events into powerful marketing opportunities. This not only enhances your company’s reputation but also positions it as an industry leader, actively demonstrating the significance placed on employee well-being and professional development.

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Isla Mujeres Vacation Rentals

Groups choose us because of our expertise and specialized knowledge necessary to handle all aspects of your trip.

Your group will thank you for using IMVR to plan group travel. Our on-island knowledge will ensure you truly experience all Isla has to offer.

Wide Range of Priced Options

We offer you clean, well-equipped, affordable choices within a variety of price ranges. Some of the family run, less expensive accommodations do not have signs nor do they advertise on the internet. Their rates range from cheap, inexpensive, to mid range price.

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Marla Martinez

Born and raised in Alabama, Marla has lived from coast to coast in the US. With her relocation to Los Angeles in 2000 she completed her Master’s degree at Pepperdine University. While relocating to Las Vegas, Portland, OR and Atlanta, GA, she discovered her love for Mexico and passion for travel. So much that she is now married to an isleño of Isla Mujeres and makes her home there.


The company was founded by Marla Martinez to meet the need of offering exclusive vacations rentals and packages. Isla Mujeres Vacation Rentals understands that your vacation is so much more than just a place to stay but rather it’s the experience and the memories you make. Our personalized service ensures that your vacation and experience are full of memories that last a lifetime.


Marla began in the travel business by focusing on Isla Mujeres and what started as a single website for budget rentals has grown into a website with an extensive inventory of properties to meet the needs of the range of travelers from budget to luxury.

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Marla Bainbridge Martinez

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Marla Bainbridge Martinez

I am a retreat planning consultant for entrepreneurs.

My expertise is managing the logistics of a retreat so that your focus stays on the work and find success in your business.

My experience is leadership working with teams to put in place processes that accelerate your business.